Coronavirus Information

For the attention of parents and community members

As we approach the start of our new academic year, we continue to face the uncertainty of Coronavirus. Usually we would be concentrating on setting our school development plan and talking about targets and focuses for the year to come. This year we will continue to do this but also focus on ensuring the safety of our children, staff and families as we open the school to all children on a full time basis.

We will have all the children back and we will work towards achieving our vision of every child reaching their potential while all of us living our values. Our curriculum intent will start again from the children’s first day back and every subject will be taught to the highest possible standard.

However, things will be different. We will be working in smaller groups (bubbles) and avoiding contact with other bubbles to avoid any risk of transmission. Our community will be separated as we continue to stagger start and collection times and parent workshops, trips and assemblies will all be on hold. This is not how we want our school to be run and while it is necessary for now, it will not last forever. We will review and adapt at regular

We do not underestimate the importance of your child being onsite. The personal, social and mental health benefits of children being in school are immeasurable and we will do everything we can to ensure that your child’s education is sustained and effective.

Based on the government guidance our aims for September and key points are as follows:

  • All year groups will return in full and every child will be onsite full time
  • Prevention and thorough hygiene routines will be in place
  • Parent responsibility remains vital. Children must not come to school if they or anyone in the household is displaying any symptoms whatsoever
  • Children’s ‘bubbles’ will become class/year group bubbles, with high to low contact rating across the school
  • Staff will endeavour to social distance as much as possible. We will encourage children to keep a sensible distance as much as possible, and encourage good hygiene
  • Prevention controls such as no assemblies/staggered opening and closing will be in place
  • Education will return to the delivery of a full curriculum
  • Behaviour policy will incorporate management of the Coronavirus risks

For the attention of all potential visitors to the school

We place great value on all of your support for the children’s learning and well being at our school. However, given the unprecedented level of uncertainty that we all currently face, we cannot currently allow unscheduled visits to the school.

In order to visit the school, please make sure that you have agreed your visit with a member of the school’s leadership team in advance. When we agree your visit we will send you a copy of our visitor’s guidance which is designed to enable us to facilitate your visit as safely as possible.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you well during this period and we look forward to our continuing partnership with you.

The school’s risk assessment is available upon request. Please contact the school office.

Risk Assesment

Visitor Protocol for our school

Visitor Protocol


Hollydale September Return to School

Re-opening Letter September 2020

September 2020 Guidance for Parents

Covid-19 Symptoms Flow Chart for Parents

Hollydale Covid-19 Home School Agreement

The Government has confirmed that the conditions have been met to allow for wider reopening of the school for all Year Groups in September. All parents and carers are asked to read and agree to follow the COVID-19 Home School Agreement below as a matter of urgency.

Please note by sending your child to school we will presume consent to this agreement and that you have agreed to follow government guidance on staying alert and safe.

Covid-19 Home School Agreement

Covid-19 A Quick Guide for Parents and Carers

Hollydale’s NHS Track and Trace QR code

Please scan the QR code on the poster below whilst visiting the school premises for NHS track and trace purposes.