Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter: Resources and Responses

Black lives matter everyday.

We want to spend everyday educating ourselves and our children about equality. To end racism we must work together as a community. We need to talk to our children and educate them as Rights Respecting citizens of the world.

As a school family we are all one, we all belong, we are all equal and we are all important.

Please find below some links that you can use at home to help you talk to your children about these important issues.

Watch the story Mixed by Arree Chung (Click on the image)

Think about these questions as you watch it and talk to your grown up about them at the end.

1. What is the main problem in the story?

2. How is the problem solved?

3. What do the people of the town learn at the end?

There are many lovely books to help us talk about Black Lives Matter and to inspire and empower all our children.

Click here to find a list of recommended books to help children understand Black Lives Matter

Same Difference – Story aimed at EYFS and KS1

I Like Myself – Story aimed at KS1 and LKS2

Something Happened in Our Town – Story aimed at UKS2