At Hollydale, we place great value on Humanities as being the foundation upon which children base their understanding of the wider world.

The fantastic range of skills, learning opportunities and cross curricular links that it provides is something that we always look to develop both within our topic and across maths and literacy wherever possible.


We see Geography as having a unique role in the curriculum in being able to link effectively and provide a strong sense of coherence with a range of other subjects, whilst at the same time fostering pupils’ curiosity about the world in which they live. We aim to use the subject as a vehicle to contribute towards children’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.

With such a fantastic range of cultures that makes this school what it is, developing a strong understanding of people, places and global citizenship is an essential part of our children making sense of the wider world, and we look to capitalise on Geography’s potential to enhance this understanding throughout our work across the school.


We see History as giving our children the chance to understand their place in time, whilst also encouraging them to think about their aspirations and preparing them for their future as citizens in the diverse multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi-ethnic society that London is. As a result, we aim to make history as relevant as possible, whilst also being engaging, enjoyable, accessible and challenging.

We also look to take advantage of its ability to increase or expand our children’s knowledge base, challenge their thinking and as a result their understanding of key historical events and figures that have shaped both our immediate and wider worlds.

The subject is primarily taught through a topic based approach, but is also incorporated explicitly into our literacy curriculum across all year groups so that it provides pupils with a chance to explore a wide range of primary and secondary resources.

We also look to take advantage of the amazing historical opportunities in our local area and central London by visiting rich and informative landmarks that enhance our children’s historical thinking, understanding and of course appreciation.

Humanities at Hollydale 2018